If You Want to Be Happy, Practice Gratitude

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The holidays create a great season to bring more happiness into your life. The best way? Reflect on all the things in your life that help you, move you forward, make you smile, and give you satisfaction. Feelings of gratitude lead to love, generosity, compassion, joy, energy, service. The engine of gratitude is mindfulness. Its [...]

4 Ways Leaders Make Their Communication Clear

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As a leader, you’ve probably asked your team dozens of times, “Do you understand?” But I’ll wager you’ve rarely have had anyone respond, “No, I don’t get it.” Instead, they nod, smile, and remain silent, thinking they’ll figure it out later. Some do; some don’t. The best leaders know that the burden to be understood [...]

Interviewing, Emceeing, Q&A From the Audience: Tips for Difficult Situations

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I recently attended an event where journalist Judy Woodruff interviewed famed architect Santiago Calatrava. That interview surfaced two issues that show up routinely in the workplace: at management and sales meetings, at industry conferences, and during all-hands employee meetings. What do these venues have in common? Frequent programming that features “interviews.” Moderators hosting a panel [...]

8 Ways to Improve the ROI of Staff Meetings

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Ray, our COO many years ago, used to start meetings with 10-15 minutes of chit-chat. While his intention was to promote socializing, the effect was late-arrivers, difficulty in focusing at the start of serious discussion, and low energy throughout the rest of the meeting. I’ve sat through meetings in which attendees fidgeted with their devices, [...]

MORE on How to Handle Hostile Questions—Part 2

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Handling hostile questions can be more than an uncomfortable five minutes with your project team or an embarrassment with your executive officer. If fumbled badly in a highly visible setting, these questions can stall or end your career. I’ve seen it happen. Last week’s blog presented two techniques for responding to these tough questions. Here [...]