4 Things Young Managers Can Learn From Older Employees

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Last week’s blog addressed What Older Employees Can Learn From Young Executives. Granted, all five characteristics represent generalizations and aren’t universally applicable. But as generalizations, they guide thinking toward positive expectations. The same can be said about what younger managers can learn from older employees. Stereotypical thinking, for sure. Nevertheless, the following traits are common [...]

5 Things Older Employees Can Learn From Younger Executives

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The cards seem stacked for failure when a team of 50 to 60-year-olds learn they’re reporting to a 30-year-old manager brought in from the outside. Age difference. Less experience. New to the organization. All the stereotypical thinking slips to the forefront of their minds to block a more seasoned perspective. Yet perspective may be exactly [...]

4 Ways Positive Communication Can Be a Big Negative

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Attend any industry conference and you’ll find a motivational speaker talking about the importance of a positive outlook. You may even take home positive mantras to paste on your bathroom mirror. Nothing wrong with that. Leaders are generally optimistic people. Given that predisposition, leaders need to beware that on occasion their bias for the positive [...]

How Fragile Is Freedom This Year?

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I’m not the only one asking this question. A startling message came through to me on Facebook a few weeks ago—even before the Steve Scalise shooting. It was from a business acquaintance in India whom I’ve corresponded with for the past five years. His message: “Are you safe? America seems in big chaos and trouble. [...]

6 Secrets to Becoming Your Own Boss

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Not everyone longs to be THE boss of a large team or organization. But given a choice, most of us would like to BE our own boss. We want the freedom to use our own judgment in making work-related decisions, to set our own work schedule, to earn at the income level we choose. Whether [...]

3 Interview Questions to Hire the Best Candidates

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In the early days, I definitely made my share of bad hires: The employee who stole equipment. The salesperson who never made a sale. The woman who continually fell asleep at her desk and did her personal errands including her daughter’s wedding planning while out of the office on company business. In the beginning I [...]