Love Notes to Share With Your Valentine

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Those of you who routinely follow my blog know that I typically write about business topics: leadership communication, executive presence, sales presentations, business writing, and book writing and publishing.  But since we’re celebrating love this week with Valentine’s Day, I’m turning to personal relationships at home. Maintaining rewarding love relationships is both difficult and important. I’d [...]

6 Steps to Hire and Keep Top Leaders on Your Team

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No one doubts the impact of great leaders to an organization’s overall success. The challenge seems to be finding them, growing them, cloning them, and keeping them. Miss any of these steps and your organization eventually sees gaps in its bench strength. 6 Steps to Hire: Fine-tune your interviewing process Far too many hiring managers [...]

Communication Zingers to Avoid in Your Presentations and Email

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Words to Avoid... In a presentation or an email, it’s typically not the big things but the small missteps that damage relationships—particularly when it comes to blocking receptivity. Of course, as the speaker or writer, you’re focused on substantive matters like strategy, structure, and facts. Yet think of all the recent political and business blow-ups [...]

How to Handle a Know-It-All

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Know-it-alls walk the halls at every level—from the basement to the executive floor. It’s not their title or expertise that’s the problem. Most everyone welcomes helpful information or experience when solving a problem or seeking innovative ideas. The know-it-all label comes from a person’s communication style and attitude—that is, the manner in which their expertise [...]

Senate Confirmation Hearings: Why Otherwise Smart People “Think Like That”!

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Ever ask yourself how an otherwise intelligent friend or coworker could “think like that”? Or “vote like that”? Or “twist things like that”?  Do you ever wonder if they are intentionally taking things out of context, attempting to deceive others as they pass on information, or are simply misinformed themselves? Politics and the Senate confirmation [...]

Communicating Your Marketing Message: Clear Or Clever?

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Several months ago, someone asked a group of colleagues how best to get a proposal accepted to present at an industry conference. One committee member shot back her response: “Avoid clever and be clear.” I’ll agree with fifty percent of that answer. Be both clever and clear when you can. If you can’t manage both, [...]