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Cybersecurity: So Much Time, So Little Progress

As I read of the latest cyberattack, the worst in history, involving hospitals, shipping systems, and corporations in more than 150 countries, I see much hand-wringing. But the first thing that comes to my mind is the old mantra: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” That’s not to play [...]

Communicating Your Marketing Message: Clear Or Clever?

Several months ago, someone asked a group of colleagues how best to get a proposal accepted to present at an industry conference. One committee member shot back her response: “Avoid clever and be clear.” I’ll agree with fifty percent of that answer. Be both clever and clear when you can. If you can’t manage both, [...]

5 Leadership Rules That Always Win

During an election season or a corporate crisis, the word “leadership” is used probably more than any other—as a prescription for better government, long-lasting prosperity, or higher profits. So if you’re a manager or executive leading the charge, what are the unwritten rules to achieving these best outcomes every single time in the worst of [...]

5 Ways to Cool Off a Hot-Headed Customer or Coworker

Six colleagues and I sat huddled in an impromptu meeting before a general session. Someone raised the question of how to generate a bigger attendance at our regular meetings. As we tossed out various ideas and discussed the pros and cons, a stranger walked up and seated himself at our small table. Our leadership team [...]

How NOT to Hire Toxic Employees on Your Team

Nobody intends to hire the whiner, the troublemaker, or the sharp-tongued twit that ticks off customers and drives coworkers crazy. But somehow a few seem to work their way through the system and get hired, managing to lower the morale of the entire team. According to research from two studies (one done at Harvard Business [...]

4 Persuasion Techniques to Help People See Your Point

Bernie Madoff bilked investors of their life savings, pulling off the biggest fraud to date in US history. Charles Ponzi put “Ponzi schemes” in our business lexicon around the world. George Parker sold the Brooklyn Bridge twice a week for years until convicted the third time and sent to Sing-Sing. But these con artists weren’t [...]