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What to Say to Someone When Their Loved One Dies

Three times in the past year, I’ve had the sad occasion to have a friend lose a spouse through death: car accident, heart attack, and cancer. As I attended the visitation and memorial service, I couldn’t help but notice how many people seemed at a loss about what to say to their friend or coworker [...]

If You Want to Be Happy, Practice Gratitude

The holidays create a great season to bring more happiness into your life. The best way? Reflect on all the things in your life that help you, move you forward, make you smile, and give you satisfaction. Feelings of gratitude lead to love, generosity, compassion, joy, energy, service. The engine of gratitude is mindfulness. Its [...]

How Fragile Is Freedom This Year?

I’m not the only one asking this question. A startling message came through to me on Facebook a few weeks ago—even before the Steve Scalise shooting. It was from a business acquaintance in India whom I’ve corresponded with for the past five years. His message: “Are you safe? America seems in big chaos and trouble. [...]

20 Communication Habits That Will Either Build or Kill Your Marriage

The holiday season is the time of year that things turn romantic. If that’s not happening in your relationship, consider these habits that either kill or build your marriage. Then begin to contemplate how you might change things as you move into the new year. How to Kill Your Marriage Don’t talk about things that [...]

Gratitude for Great Parenting

I never had a curfew. My mom considered curfews permissive. She preferred accountability. When I left the house with a new boy for a new activity, the conversation always began, “What time will you be home?” “I don’t know,” I’d respond. “Well, let’s figure it out,” she’d say. “What time does the movie start?” I’d [...]

What Does “Respect” Mean in Politics, Religion, and Race Relations?

“Given such a lack of respect from both sides of the current political environment and the seeming lack of it through Facebook postings, I’m wondering if the meaning of respect has been forgotten or even abandoned.” That comment came from one of my blog readers recently with a request for me to address the issue [...]