How to Handle a Know-It-All

Know-it-alls walk the halls at every level—from the basement to the executive floor. It’s not their title or expertise that’s the problem. Most everyone welcomes helpful information or experience when solving a problem or seeking innovative ideas. The know-it-all label comes from a person’s communication style and attitude—that is, the manner in which their expertise [...]

Senate Confirmation Hearings: Why Otherwise Smart People “Think Like That”!

Ever ask yourself how an otherwise intelligent friend or coworker could “think like that”? Or “vote like that”? Or “twist things like that”?  Do you ever wonder if they are intentionally taking things out of context, attempting to deceive others as they pass on information, or are simply misinformed themselves? Politics and the Senate confirmation [...]

10 Communication Productivity Tips for the New Year

Communication shouldn’t be that difficult. After all, you do it almost every waking hour. If you’re not on social media, you’re on the phone. If you’re not on the phone, you’re texting. If you’re not texting, you’re emailing . If you’re not emailing, you’re writing a proposal. But something that we do so frequently can [...]

4 Signs You Need to Power Down for a Tech Detox

According to a PEW poll, 90 percent of the world’s smartphone users say their phone is their “constant companion.” And 96 percent say they “rarely” or “never” power down.  Social media experts insist that you have to post every single day to be considered “active” on your chosen platform. Yet for all this connection, real [...]

How to Manage a Motor-Mouth at Your Meeting or Party

Whether you meet them at an upcoming holiday party or have them dominating your meetings, incessant talkers present a challenge. While you do want them to have opportunity to tell their story or present their ideas, these people need to add their “two cents” to everyone’s comments and to top everyone’s story. They rarely offer [...]

5 Ways to Check References to Avoid Toxic Employees

Have you ever attempted to check references before hiring, and run into a brick wall with the former employer giving you only name, title, and date of employment? If so, that’s understandable because they fear lawsuits. On the other hand, the former employer may give a glowing reference. And only later you find out that [...]