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Are You a Micromanager? 6 Signs

No one proudly wears the label of micromanager. Yet the workplace overflows with them. Here’s how to identify them on your team before you err by giving them bigger opportunities. If you fear you may be falling into the micromanagement trap yourself, consider these tell-tale signs.   6 Signs of a Micromanager   Micromanagers Lack [...]

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10 Bad Business Communication Habits That Ruin Relationships

Few people admit to bad communication habits—much less habits that can cost them a job or a contract. Yet, we all see some of the following habits in people we interact with in the workplace on a daily basis. A few reminders can cut your risks that these habits don’t creep into your own business [...]

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Hollywood Consistently Degrades Society by What It Communicates

By Guest Blogger Jeff Davidson At first glance, 2017 appeared to be a banner year for movies. Anytime you would open the newspaper to the movie section, the appeal was strong. When visiting, you couldn't ignore the large number of movies rated 80% or higher. Yet, a nagging, insidious trend has continued for decades: [...]

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10 Best Tips on How to Write a Book Fast—From the Author of 47

Is writing a book one of your goals for the new year? If so, these 10 tips can make the difference between dickering and done. Now that I’m 47 full-length books down the road (all sold to major publishing houses), plus more than a dozen other compilations, I can attest that these principles work. A [...]

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How to Control Dominators in Meetings

Meetings often unfold similar to encounters on the playground: Passive and dominating attendees annoy each other and complicate things. So why not simply let the passive meeting participants fade into the woodwork and let the dominators take over the game board? Several reasons: Dominators monopolize and prevent other ideas and solutions from surfacing. Dominators often [...]

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If You Want to Be Happy, Practice Gratitude

The holidays create a great season to bring more happiness into your life. The best way? Reflect on all the things in your life that help you, move you forward, make you smile, and give you satisfaction. Feelings of gratitude lead to love, generosity, compassion, joy, energy, service. The engine of gratitude is mindfulness. Its [...]

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