Are You a Micromanager? 6 Signs

No one proudly wears the label of micromanager. Yet the workplace overflows with them. Here’s how to identify them on your team before you err by giving them bigger opportunities. If you fear you may be falling into the micromanagement trap yourself, consider these tell-tale signs.   6 Signs of a Micromanager   Micromanagers Lack [...]

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10 Bad Business Communication Habits That Ruin Relationships

Few people admit to bad communication habits—much less habits that can cost them a job or a contract. Yet, we all see some of the following habits in people we interact with in the workplace on a daily basis. A few reminders can cut your risks that these habits don’t creep into your own business [...]

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State of the Union Speech Analysis

As an executive speech coach, I’ve become accustomed to analyzing State of the Union speeches and presidential debates for many years. Bottom-line: If Obama performed like a motivational speaker, Trump delivered like a CEO. To be more specific, Obama’s speeches were often eloquent and motivational––but short on specifics. Trump’s speech sounded like the corporate CEO’s [...]

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10 Traits That Make You More Likable

You’ve heard it said that people do business with people they like. But they also believe people they like, help people they like, hire people they like, promote people they like, get on committees with people they like, vote for people they like. Few would argue that likability is a good thing. If you’d like [...]

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5 Words Leaders Seldom Use—And What to Choose Instead

The essence of leadership is communication.  As a leader, your words have the power to motivate or demoralize, inspire or discourage, clarify or confuse. The language of leadership matters a great deal to how your team performs. Many would-be leaders discover that it’s often subtle things about their communication that keep colleagues and supervisors from [...]

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Leaders, Are You Asking Enough Questions in These 4 Core Categories?

Micromanagers direct. Leaders coach. As a leader, you understand the value of using questions to develop those around you to their highest potential. Questions play a central role in Giving performance feedback Helping team members evaluate their own projects and revise processes for the future Gaining buy-in for your key initiatives or those of your [...]

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